The River Rats donated $1000 to the kids at Southwoods and Southmont Elementary schools.  Kim Hedrick, Davidson County Social Worker, accepts the donation on their behalf.


The River Rats donated $500 to the American Children’s Home for an outing for the kids.


A $500 donation was made to the Nazareth Children’s Home for their emergency family funds.


Yearly funds raised at the Christmas Benefit

Year Amount Children Helped
1998 $24,000 89
1999 $18,147 122
2000 $21,339 154
2001 $16,438 166
2002 $16,145 194
2003 $16,300 194
2004 $26,000 264
2005 $22,000 257
2006 $21,960 125
2007 $23,770 190
2008 $23,536 310
2009 $22,244 282
2010 $13,678 180
2011 $8,300 138
2012 $8,700 99
2013 $13,125 173
2014 $14,695 195
2015 $13,825 184
2016 $14,650 195
2017 $15,250 197
2018 $18,400 183
2019 $15,586 152
2020 ??? ???

Every year we raise funds through various types of fundraisers. These funds are then given to the social workers at the area schools. The funds are then dispersed, at the social worker’s discretion, to those children who might not have a very Merry Christmas. The children benefiting from our fundraisers do not know the individuals that put their time and effort in to raising these funds. All they know is that the “River Rats” made it possible.

Every year we get ‘Thank You’ cards from the children, simply addressed to the ‘River Rats’, thanking us for making their Christmas brighter. Other times, we hear stories from the social workers of the joy and thankfulness these children experience due to the generosity we share with them. One particular story has had a huge impact on us and must be shared.

A social worker had bought a new coat for a girl in her mid-teens, wrapped it and gave it to her for Christmas from the ‘River Rats’. The next day the girl showed up at school wearing her new coat. When the girl saw the social worker, she ran to her and hugged her. She thanked her for her new coat and told her how much she loved it. The social worker asked her how she new it was a new coat and the girl responded that the store tags were still on it when she unwrapped it. The social worker then asked the girl if she loved it because it was a new coat. The girl replied, ‘No, because it’s my first coat.’.

It just goes to show, you never know what kind of an impact you make on someone’s life, until you try to make an impact.

Make an impact on your life, by making an impact on someone else’s. Give.

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.
-Hank Rosso